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About me

First of all, woman in essence, passionate in the field of movement in harmony, understanding the body in balance and seeking in each session, training through the exercise WITH-sense.

Services and training


Training with sense

We perform a specific training to achieve the real goal of each person. Postural movement and improvement of phisical conditions to avoid injuries, reduce tension and enjoy all the benefits it involves.


Group Sessions

Motivation and good atmosphere are essential to perform a funtional training, CORE, back amend, HIT,or postural training, adapted to your goals and phisical conditions.


Postural Check-In

In this first DPostural SESSIONS, we will fulfill a thorough image data collection and the accurate references to notice the motion lines and resert likely adjustment through our recommended exercises.


Dpostural Session

Flexibility, activation and checkup the weak and contracted limites. Without set aside the respiratory technique, which entail the breath and exhale muscles and their bonds.


Phisical training
for Golf

After long time, around 20 years, working with elite players and John competition, as well as base golf schools, I reached the conclusion, hopefully muy coleagues agree, that the settings and compensation are basically important during the phisical training of golf players; as It is a sport that descompensate the bilateral, I suggest to start with this sport with early age.

entrenamiento personal benidorm

Now you can get all the challenges you propose

Wellness felling ¿, Discipline, healthy habits, routine, continuous improvent, open mind, global body concepto, interdisciplinary and internal, effort, overcoming, empathy, dedication and been aware, are some of this basic method, DPostural; “ D” from “Desposturilización “, to memorize and activate new movement sensations.


Here are some of the videos that we have created”

DPostural News

Below we show you the outstanding news of D Postural.

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